Hi. I'm kristin.

I’d be honored to help you and your partner create memories you’ll cherish forever.

I've been a planner my whole life. My creative spirit, attention to detail and love of logistics are what first led me to a career in the music industry. But in 2009 my then-boss asked me to apply my skills to a more personal project: her wedding. She gave me a generous budget and a guest list and asked me to take care of the rest. Aside from her dress search and a cake tasting I scheduled for the happy couple, the elements of their wedding day were a complete surprise to them.

They were married in a quaint chapel and hosted an incredible backyard reception at their home that went well into the early morning hours. I became totally smitten with crafting cozy, intentional events. Shortly after, I transitioned out of the music industry and into corporate event marketing and hospitality, where I managed a NASCAR sponsorship for a multi-billion dollar manufacturing corporation before moving on to execute global events for a high-growth tech start-up. Now I plan and design beautiful, intimate weddings in Nashville, Cincinnati and wherever love takes me. My work is a fun, challenging mix of strategy and thoughtful creativity. 

I absolutely love what I do.

I also love my sweet, simple life with my husband. We split our time between our 1950’s ranch in urban East Nashville and our lakeside condo south of Cincinnati. We’re currently dreaming of acres and acres of Tennessee woodland where we can build our Scandinavian inspired forever home. I’m happiest when I’m in the kitchen or snuggling my adorable nephews. My sister is my dearest friend and you’ll almost always see her doing the heavy lifting on a wedding day. The beaches along Florida’s 30A are where I recharge but New Zealand is my favorite place in the world. Give me a glass of red or Kentucky bourbon neat. I listen exclusively to true crime podcasts when I drive but loathe horror flicks. My husband and I were acquaintances who became best friends who fell in love. Our story will always be my favorite story to tell.